How we work


AKN Consulting has a consultancy offer that supports organisations at every stage of their life cycle. While we have particular expertise in helping organisations take products and services to scale, we also have a track record in supporting organisations from start up through to leaving a legacy after closure.

We combine strategy, theory of change and organisational development experience and expertise to help organisations move through change. Consultants and Associates have supported programmes of growth, strategic planning, income generation and organisational development in both large 'household name' charities and smaller specialist not for profits.

With a proven track record in marketing, communications and income generation we support the development of business planning that matches organisational strategy. Associates have directly secured millions of pounds of funding for clients and supported the development of successful fundraising and income generation strategies for organisations big and small.


One of our strengths is the development of consortia approaches to achieving national change. We supported the formation of the Learning Away Consortium – now in its 3rd year championing brilliant residentials – and Anita formed and led the Whole School SEND Consortium which is now running the Department for Education SEND Contract for the third year.

Collaborative working is increasingly important in an era of less resource but often increased need. AKN Consulting believe that combining resources is better for the children and young people we all serve. In 2019 we are supporting Outdoor Citizens, a collaboration focusing on outdoor learning and Cultural Inclusion, a collective focusing on the right of children and young people with disabilities to access their cultural entitlement.

Developing people

AKN Consulting has a particular focus on developing leaders in the education and charity space. Anita developed the ‘Advocate’ model for teachers who wished to develop traditionally charity skills and this is now used in both SEND and by A New Direction.

All Consultants and Associates offer paid for mentoring services and also undertake pro bono mentor and sponsor roles.
Anita is a Fellow of the CIPD, the professional body for human resources and people development.


Alongside campaigning on behalf of our clients AKN Consulting also develop and support campaigns in areas of particular importance. Campaigns have the common theme of combating exclusion and improving collaboration for better outcomes.

Over 2019 they are directly supporting Every Child Should, #drawnin, #everychildprepared as well as ongoing work around access to arts and outdoor education.

Sharing learning

AKN Consulting is keen to share learning from across its disciplines with a particular focus on the education and charity interface and on approaches to improve systems for better outcomes.

These often, with permission, draw on their experiences with clients and previous organisations but also draw evidence from across their extensive networks.

AKN Consulting have a policy of telling it how it is – we also share the things we have got wrong to support learning and they are committed to debating the difficult issues.

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AKN Consulting also supporting sharing of learning through its campaigns:

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Speaking and conferences

Anita is a sought after speaker on both inclusion and on educational and charity systems. She does a number of pro bono sessions a year that support AKN Consulting priorities and tailors charges for other events.

Her slides and speaking summaries are often included on the AKN Consulting site.

To contact Anita for speaking opportunities email: or use the contact form.

Developing new products

AKN Consulting work to develop new products and programmes to support organisations and systems to improve their outcomes. Some of these they provide pro bono and others are charged for. These products and programmes may be developed in partnership.

How are we paid

We operate a traditional consultancy model with a day rate and agreed outcomes. We also sell our own products and programmes. These two areas form the core of our income.

In addition we develop approaches speculatively – investing our own time and resources and agreeing a model for return on investment on a case for case basis. This might include future consultancy contracts, sales, or profit shares. We recognise that many organisations cannot afford support during their start-up or when developing new programmes and we also consider approaches for equity shares for our input.

We also have an active pro bono programme.

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