Anita Kerwin-Nye is a highly accomplished charity leader with over 20 years of experience in the sector. As a consultant Anita heads an associate team supporting over 30 charities and funders working with 3000 plus schools. Anita is the Lead of Every Child Should, a year long conversation on the purpose of education and what we consider the entitlement for every child.

Key areas of consultancy support include:

  • Campaigning.
  • Taking evidenced interventions to scale.
  • Developing effective collaboration and consortium building.
  • Organisational development.
  • Sharing knowledge within and between sectors.
  • Charity and school co-working.
  • Extending reach of evidenced programmes.
  • Income generation.
  • Creating funding streams where spend can be tracked to impact.
  • Developing lobbying and advocacy approaches that improve user outcomes.

Anita is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development with a specialism in organisational and system development, communities of practice and movement theory.

Articles and blogs from Anita

Princely Manhood and Character

Following the launch of Hinds’ character education consultation in this blog Anita provides 10 points to consider about character, including a historic look at a similar debate – for all you fine gentlemen!

Pin the tail on the blame donkey

Following recent releases, including the Timpson Review, Anita explores in this blog how the system is failing the most vulnerable children in our society.

Creating the ABacc – saving humanity

With the debate on the purpose of education very much alive Anita presents, in this blog, an alternative view based on the skills future generations will need to overcome global challenges facing humanity.

Passport: an entitlement to enrichment

Aligned to her work with Every Child Should Anita explores, in this blog, entitlement passports and presents her tips for developing your own.

Freelancers – education’s gig economy

Anita’s explores the role of the gig-economy in education in this blog.

My personal journey as a disability campaigner

Anita’s blog reflects on why throughout her career she has been drawn back to disability campaigning.

Why the Outdoors

A blog on EveryChildShould on the importance of the outdoors. In the blog Anita reflects on her personal reasons for believing in the benefits of the outdoors, and invites you to reflect on what the outdoors means to you.

Better SEND without the spend – Primary School Management

Anita’s recent article in Primary School Management on cost free ways to improve provision for children with SEND.

Blog: Supporting Teachers to Lead Practice

The A New Direction Advocates programme supports teachers of the arts to lead learning in both their own schools and across the system. In the blog Anita reflects on the programme, as the first cohort leave after 3 years, and is struck by quality, passion and impact.

Blog: How many men does it take to steal the credit from a difficult woman?

As her contribution to the ‘Difficult Woman’ debate in this blog Anita reflects on two occasions when credit for her work was taken by men who made smaller contributions. Asking what has changed over time, Anita presents solutions for redressing the balance of power.

Blog: Whole School SEND

As the current Department for Education SEND Workforce Contract ends and the new one about to begin, the blog by Anita Kerwin-Nye reflects on the long process of system change which led to this point.

Blog: School Exclusion – the story so far

As the DfE announce a review of school exclusions Anita Kerwin-Nye reflects on the evidence and prevailing thoughts surrounding the issue of informal exclusions. This blog provides a good leap off point for anyone wanting to get an overview.

Blog: Culture and Heritage – an entitlement to access

Anita Kerwin-Nye’s blog outlines why access to arts subjects and museum learning matters for all learners, but especially for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

School Travel Organiser (secondary) – February 2018

Anita Kerwin-Nye’s article in School Travel Organiser (go to page 60) offering advice for teachers planning school trips with mental health and wellbeing in mind.

Blog: Is Exclusion Education’s Haiti?

Anita Kerwin-Nye’s blog reflects on what we can learn for tackling exclusion in education from approaches to tackling abuse in international aid.

Teachwire – February 2018

Anita Kerwin-Nye asks ‘was the Children’s Commissioner’s report on vulnerable children the most important of 2017?’ in her teachwire article: Vulnerable Children – Who are They, and How do we Best Offer Support with Scarce  Resources?

School Travel Organiser (primary) – February 2018

Anita Kerwin-Nye is quoted in School Travel Organiser (go to pages 23-24) is quoted in an article in response to the Prime Minister’s pledge to increase the number of environment linked school trips.

Blog: Every child a bank account?

As part of our work on Every Child Should we have been talking to young people and those that work with them and reviewing many reports on what children and young people should have achieved and experienced by the time they leave school. See more

Blog: Turning the page for adventure

Part of my work over 2018 through Every Child Should is to look at the importance of outdoor learning and connections to nature for every child. My own personal experiences as a lover of adventurous activities, combined with the work I have done over the years with organisations that work in this field, has shown me the value of this work on well-being and happiness. See more

Blog: The Young Academy

Blog: It is both a privilege and great learning to sit on the Young Academy Investment Committee. The aims of the Academy are simple: See more

Blog: The Communication Trust – what next?

With the news in recent days of the potential closure of The Communication Trust (TCT) – a consortium that I led the set up of in 2007 – I have been reflecting on both the challenges and successes of the Trust over the last 10 years. See more

Blog: DEFRA 25-year plan and the importance of nature for well being – 15th January 2018

As someone who has publicly acknowledged the impact connections to nature in supporting my own struggles with mental illness it was pleasing to see the formal acknowledgement from DEFRA of the importance of outdoor experiences on mental well-being. See more

Schools Week – 2nd January 2018

The strength of consortiums in affecting change is a core principle of Every Child Should. As is the belief that all children should be included in all aspects of education. In her recent piece for Schools Week Anita Kerwin-Nye talks about the change affected by Whole School SEND in the battle for inclusion.

Journal of Education in Museums – No. 38 (2017)

Enrichment or Entitlement? How can museums work with schools to ensure that all children benefit form the transformative nature of museum learning?

The Journal of Education in Museums (JEM) is published annually. The current issue is only available to members of GEM. See more

School Travel Organiser (secondary) – December 2017

Anita Kerwin-Nye and Matt Overd talk to School Travel Organiser (go to pages 22-23) on why every child should have access to school trips and on the wider Every Child Should campaign.

TES – 1st December 2017

With collaboration between schools and charities being a key theme for Every Child Should see Anita’s recent opinion piece for TES (subscription required to view full article) on what schools can learn from charities.

Blog: Creative Schools Symposium – 26th November 2017

One of the things about advising on grant making is that you don’t often have a chance to see how the funding decisions translate from paper application into real life practice. See more

Blog: 5 Questions for Inclusion – 20th November 2017

The work of Whole School SEND is predicated on 3 key principles:

  • That a Review based methodology can help schools and individuals identify areas for development,
  • That there is much good practice and evidence of what works,
  • That developing a community of practice allows those who want to improve outcomes for children and learners with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to connect, share, learn and improve practice and provision.

And the WSS community are – 18 months in – seeing some of the successes of this approach. See more

Blog: Inclusion – someone else’s problem – 20th November 2017

“Somebody Else’s Problem field, or SEP, is a cheap, easy, and staggeringly useful way of safely protecting something from unwanted eyes. It can run almost indefinitely on a torch (flashlight)/9 volt battery, and is able to do so because it utilises a person’s natural tendency to ignore things they don’t easily accept, like, for example, aliens at a cricket match. Any object around which an S.E.P. is applied will cease to be noticed, because any problems one may have understanding it (and therefore accepting its existence) become Somebody Else’s. An object becomes not so much invisible as unnoticed”

Life,The Universe and Everything Douglas Adams

See more

Blog: Children in Need – 20th November 2017

“Anyone else watching #childreninneed & wondering why people have to fundraise for things that our most vulnerable children should get from the state?”
Turns out from this throwaway Friday night tweet that – yes – quite a lot of people. See more

Blog: The outdoors – an entitlement – 14th November 2017

Ecotherapy. I confess I rolled my eyes at the title. An attempt to medicalise the language attached to something many of us just know to be true – being outside makes us feel better. But, if the word further embeds outdoor experiences into approaches to mental health the title works for me.

Anita Kerwin-Nye leads the Every Child Should Campaign and is a key note speaker at the CLOtC conference on 16 November 2017. See more

SecEd – Effective Evidence Based Teaching – March 2014

Anita Kerwin-Nye discusses five things that education networks and groups of schools can do to enable effective evidence-based teaching.  See more

Collaborative working: building a consortium – October 2007

Anita’s paper, on why and how the charity sector should communicate, looks back on ICAN’s initiative to establish greater collaboration in the field of communication disability. This paper led to the DCSF funding the establishment of The Communication Trust – a not for profit coalition of over 40 traditionally competing charities – which Anita founded and led as Director until 2012. The Trust was recognised by the Cabinet Office and Third Sector as an example of best practice in effective collaborative working. See more